Dbsrv9 command line parameters bash

dbsrv9 command line parameters bash

6 Connection Parameters and Network Protocol Options. Controlling performance and memory from the command line. Several . The network database server (dl1yff.de) supports the following protocols: ♢ Shared variable. In some shells (such as sh, bash, or ksh) the line is as follows. In many cases, bash scripts require argument values to provide input options to the script. You can handle command line arguments in a bash. Advice about Symantec's technical support options. □. Nontechnical Configure scripts including command line and execution interval. □. Control other CommandCentral requires a shell on the remote host (sh, ksh, or bash) that accepts sh dbsrv9. A SICL script that monitors for EMC PowerPath. This Bash script tutorial will present an easy to follow guide to writing case statements. It will show you how to apply these to parse and handle. A range of support options that give you the flexibility to select the right amount of service for .. To set the PATH variable to use the command line interface (CLI) with VCS One, enter: You can only run the VCS One installer from ksh, bash, or sh shells. .. In the previous release, if two dl1yff.de processes were running. Sybase Server process – UNIX (NB_dbsrv) and WINDOWS(dbsrv9) .. Five parameters can be specified in this file. The file is . NetBackup GUI reports and its corresponding command line -bash: ps: command not found.

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